Capitol Ministries operates under the belief that if one can affect the heart of the lawmaker the laws themselves will be affected.

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From Perry & Faith Gauthier

We want to welcome you the great state of Texas’ website for Capitol Ministries. We are excited and energized to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ in the Political Arena” in the Lone Star State and beyond. With our newly relocated headquarters for Capitol Ministries North America, we intend to help every Capitol in the Union from our Austin base. Through the power of Christ, the King of kings, we intend to see Texas transformed for our good and God’s glory. Will you join our growing team of vigorous prayer partners, financial investors, and spiritually gifted servants?

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Sen. Dave Murman

Legislative District 38
I look forward to meeting weekly with Perry, Faith, and Capitol Ministries in order to stay focused on the truth of God’s word. It is also inspiring to realize so many other Senators desire to follow the Lords guidance. The studies are based on a literal interpretation of the Bible and are not just someone’s …

Alex Gage

Former Capitol Staff
During my five and a half years at the Nebraska State Capitol building, I had the privilege of attending a Bible study sponsored by Capitol Ministries Nebraska. I am very thankful for the work they have done and are continuing to do in capitols around the United States and around the world. It is so …

Sen. Tom Carlson

Former Senator
As a newly elected state senator, I was very pleased to learn that several senators in the Nebraska Legislature were committed Christians who believed that the bible is the Word of God. It was obvious they desired that their lives would be a positive Christian witness to those with whom they worked, as well …

Changing Hearts to Change a Nation.

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Our Vision

Capitol Ministries exists to deliver the Gospel to every public servant in every Capitol every year! Since our founding in 1996, our vision has not changed. We evangelize elected officials, leading them to maturity in Christ. We disentangle from politics so that we might disciple leaders whom God calls into the political arena.

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