Alex Gage

Former Capitol Staff
During my five and a half years at the Nebraska State Capitol building, I had the privilege of attending a Bible study sponsored by Capitol Ministries Nebraska. I am very thankful for the work they have done and are continuing to do in capitols around the United States and around the world. It is so ...

Dan Patrick

Lieutenant Governor, Texas
Our nation was built upon the Word of God. Our founders and the people they governed understood they must be led by godly people, who while imperfect themselves, strived to build a country based on God's perfection. Today, in a country where God's Word is under constant attack, we need might oaks to serve in ...

Sen. Dave Murman

Legislative District 38
I look forward to meeting weekly with Perry, Faith, and Capitol Ministries in order to stay focused on the truth of God’s word. It is also inspiring to realize so many other Senators desire to follow the Lords guidance. The studies are based on a literal interpretation of the Bible and are not just someone’s ...

Sen. Michael McDonnell

Legislative District 5
When we gather to study the Bible, it helps us to improve as Senators and be the best version of ourselves. In studying God’s Word, we are able to reflect on biblical lessons and apply them to our lives to ensure that we are making the best decisions for the people we serve rather than ...

Secretary Rick Perry

U.S. Secretary of Energy
I look forward to Wednesday mornings. Studying the bible with fellow Cabinet Members is like an oasis in the noisy, chaotic world of Washington, D.C. I know that when I walk out of there, I'm going to be edified in some way that I wasn't before.

Sen. Steve Halloran

Legislative District 33
Government derives its authority from God to promote good and restrain evil. This mandate is expressly stated in Romans (13:1-7). Paul also urges that prayers be made “for Kings and all who are in high positions that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life” (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Paul understood the need ...

Sen. Tom Carlson

Former Senator
As a newly elected state senator, I was very pleased to learn that several senators in the Nebraska Legislature were committed Christians who believed that the bible is the Word of God. It was obvious they desired that their lives would be a positive Christian witness to those with whom they worked, as well ...

Julie Condon

Committee Clerk Government, Military and Veteran Affairs
The opportunity to attend your bible study is very necessary for me. As you are aware, working in this setting of law-making is very fast paced and stressful for everyone. I always look forward to this one hour a week where I can join fellow believers and study the word of God. ...

Rob Clements

Legislative District 2
Capitol Ministries of Nebraska helps Legislators apply godly principles to state policy decisions. Perry and Faith Gauthier are excellent servant leaders who encourage Senators in positive ways. The Bible study helps Senators unite and share their beliefs and opinions.